Genius Hour #2

Hello Everyone, this is the second blog I have made. I switched topic to making a good song with Max Angeles. We are making good progress in our song we do not really have that much done though. We have been working on it for about 4 days total and I do not have anything yet I am still looking for a program to use. I have played with max’s program a little bit and I found out that making a beat sound pretty decent is really hard than just throwing sounds together. I found one but it cost money so I did not get it. I am leaning towards getting the program Max is using with is Soundation. I do not like using that on because it does not have a lot of good sounds and beats just too little sounds. I am actually going to use a different one i forgot what is was called but it have a l  of good sounds and a lot of options. It would take me a while to learn how to use it but it would also sound really cool so that is that. It is hard finding different programs to use that do not cost money. Also I can just use a screen recorder to video the music when i use the free trial period. I hope I an accomplish my goal of making a long sweet song that people will like. I will talk to you guys next week when i post a new blog hopefully. Bye

College Trip

I went to Iowa state. The best part of the trip was when we went to the biotechnology lab and we work with DNA. We had to find out which dog chewed up the shoe by using the DNA. First we worked with these needle type things and the we pick up something with them so we could pick up the liquid with it. We could not touch the tube because it was dangerous. Then we carefully put the liquid into this gel like substance. We had to be really steady or else it would get on the gel stuff. The liquid went into a slit in the gel.

What surprised me was that in 4 years Iowa State only had 1 snow day. So do not hope that schools will be cancelled. I would like to go to their school because of the Biotechnology room. I also do not because I can not stand there sports team. The buildings looked old but really fancy. The campus was huge with a nice bus system. Iowa State has really nice food courts and places to eat. When we ate there the food was really good and I got 2 smoothies, ice cream , and a lot of pizza.  Bio Technology 



Genius Hour Project

My topic for project is making homemade things. It is where we make things homemade like candles, glue, ketchup, and some other things we have not thought of yet. It is going to be a fun experimental project. we have never tried to make any of theses things before so I hope it turns out good. I am working with Max Angeles. It kind of sounds girly but its going to be easy and fun. We are going to be making homemade things for the next 8 weeks it will will fun easy, maybe hard it depends on what were doing, its going to be a lot of work. Sometimes we will fail and sometimes will we succeed. Me and max really hope to get an A on this project. We both hope this project is successful. My goal is to have absolutely everything work and nothing fail, but sadly you can not always have somethings work so we will probably fail at least once because you know me I am kind of clumsy sometime so I hope no one get hurt. I do not know how you can get hurt making such easy things but who knows right? We will get the ingredients from our house and I do not think we will buy any of the items will will use to make these homemade things. Well that is all I am going to talk about on this blog so see you guys next time and have a good time

Spring Break

This Year for my spring break I went to Washington D.C. with some of my friends. It was one of the best experiences ever. Before I left I took a picture with my mom so I would not miss her. When I boarded the I was waving goodbye to everyone  and so were the other kids. We were all wild for the first 6 or 7 hours then we just started to get bored on the bus so we started playing on our phones and watching movies and games. Most of us only got like 4 or 5 hours of sleep but when we woke up it was so beautiful outside there were mountains and forests. When we finally got to Washington. We stretched and everyone woke up. We went outside and started to walk around and look at the cool monuments that are there, we toured the Capital first. When we got to the hotel we swam for like 10 minuets then it got to crowded so we left and took showers. We talked for a little bit then we went to bed. Then next day we toured more I would tell you everything but not enough time. My favorite thing about that day was  the Lincoln Memorial. It was so pretty. The next day we went into the Washington Monument My ears popped up there it was such a beautiful view. 10/10 would go again. Then next day was the last so we stayed up later. We went on a metro train to a mall where we ate and shopped then we headed home. We did a lot more than I wrote about I just did not have time to tell it all. That is what I did for spring break.  Our hotell

Week 10

I have written 7 blog posts.

6 of them were from challenges.

I have received 3 comments.

I have received the most on the school lunches blog. I think it happened because a lot of people don’t like schools lunches and I said I did.

I enjoyed Writing the school lunches one the most because , I got to express how I felt about our lunches.

I  change my blog themes sometimes because I get board sometimes.

I don’t think I have any because I don’t know what they are.

I never did a design.



Landscape is beautiful


Today I will be talking about nature, because it is the assignment. The thing I will be talking about in nature is landscape.  I think volcanoes are cool,  but dangerous. I have always wanted to visit a volcano especially Mt St Helen’s. I want to visit it because it has exploded unexpectedly, and instead of the lava coming out of the top it came out of the side’s. It sucks that a bunch of people died and i can’t believe that From 250 miles away there was still ash and they had to shovel like 1 foot of ash.  It’s in Washington if you guys want to visit it, I cant wait to go there and visit it, and i hope it doesn’t explode when I am there.

Here is another volcano thati would like to talk about   and it is called the three sister’s I think that it is amazing that 3 volcanoes are right next to each other.

there and they are sisters, just kidding, But it would be a beautiful sight to see in person. I would rather see Mt St Helen’s. It is way more beautiful than The Three Sisters and it is bigger I think? The link to the picture is right here The three sisters picture.

There is one more volcano I want to talk about and it is Mt. Hood. It is the picture on the bottom at the top of the paper. It is my favorite volcano That I am talking  about today. The reason i like it so much is because it is so big and so  beautiful. I also like it because it has a ski resort on it and i really want to go skiing on it because it is a volcano.

Mt Hood picture 

Thank you for reading my blog about nature and I hope that you will read my next posts


This is the link for Mt St Helens.

Remember that is the first one I talked about


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School lunches

Today I will be talking about school lunches. I think that some of our school lunches are good and some of them are not very good . The best school lunches that they have are beefy nachos. They are really good but they could give us a little more meet. I thin that the schools should make it so that pop is an option.  Now the other side of schools lunches most of them I do not like because they either taste weird. I mean like they are  not bad or anything, but I think it could be better no offence to the cooks. My least favorite lunch would probably be their pizza   because and does not taste good. They could add more food to our lunches like they could give us jelly bite and some oreo pudding. I would like to have that stuff and people would probably get that. Also you could get seconds if you wanted to but not thirds or any more because people would just eat all of that food. But that would be a good idea to have second if they want it. One last thing to the lunches would be a day where they would order dominoes  for the whole school to eat that would be tasty

Jordan burroughs

Picture by: Cormac70

Picture by: Cormac70

This is Jordan Burroughs. He is an olympic wrestler for the U.S.A. He is my role model because wrestling is my favorite sport and he is a good wrestle who teaches me good moves and good sportmanship skills. He is also my role model because i want to be just like him and be a really good wrestler someday. My family and friends already say I´m good but I know I can be way better than I am.

Another person that is my role model is Dan Gable. He is a really good wrestler and a really good coach. He has really good manners an is a nice person. He once wrote a letter to me saying that i need to keep wrestling and do good in my school work.  One day  i wish i can be as good as a wrestler and as good as a coach than those guys. That´s why Dan Gable and Jordan Burroughs.


Raise your voice

In our generation too many people get bullied. This shouldn’t because the people getting bullied should speak and and say something to the person or tell an adult. The reason why most people that get bullied don’t speak up is because they are shy and think that if they tell someone it wont don anything but just make the bully more mad. That’s the problem if you do tell its hard for the adult to stop the bully bulling because not all bullies care if the get in trouble, but if you just tell an adult for pets sake the will do everything they can do to help you not get bullied. The reason why some bullies bully kids is because they were bullied as a kid, or they were abused as a kid so it makes them fell better when they bully other students but its not the right thing to do the right thing to do is go to a councilor or go relive your stress, and maybe if try to explain to the bully that you don’t like when he does it because it makes you feel like trash and say to him how would you like it if you woke up in the morning just to go to school to get bullied by someone who makes you feel like crap and maybe just maybe he will realize that bulling is a wrong thing to do,

If there is a new kid go over to him and talk to him. He is new and probable doesn’t have a lot of friends yet so he is shy. If you go over to him and greet him introduce him to your friends maybe he  he wont be as shy and as nervous to go to school the next day. If the new kid speaks up and talks to other people he will feel safe around more people in the schools and will have more friends. That’s what will happen if you speak up people are a lot happier and are a lot nicer. That’s why its so important.

stand-up-speak-out stop bullying To the world.