Landscape is beautiful


Today I will be talking about nature, because it is the assignment. The thing I will be talking about in nature is landscape.  I think volcanoes are cool,  but dangerous. I have always wanted to visit a volcano especially Mt St Helen’s. I want to visit it because it has exploded unexpectedly, and instead of the lava coming out of the top it came out of the side’s. It sucks that a bunch of people died and i can’t believe that From 250 miles away there was still ash and they had to shovel like 1 foot of ash.  It’s in Washington if you guys want to visit it, I cant wait to go there and visit it, and i hope it doesn’t explode when I am there.

Here is another volcano thati would like to talk about   and it is called the three sister’s I think that it is amazing that 3 volcanoes are right next to each other.

there and they are sisters, just kidding, But it would be a beautiful sight to see in person. I would rather see Mt St Helen’s. It is way more beautiful than The Three Sisters and it is bigger I think? The link to the picture is right here The three sisters picture.

There is one more volcano I want to talk about and it is Mt. Hood. It is the picture on the bottom at the top of the paper. It is my favorite volcano That I am talking  about today. The reason i like it so much is because it is so big and so  beautiful. I also like it because it has a ski resort on it and i really want to go skiing on it because it is a volcano.

Mt Hood picture 

Thank you for reading my blog about nature and I hope that you will read my next posts


This is the link for Mt St Helens.

Remember that is the first one I talked about


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